HM! Challenge • Week 4

Jimmy and David love their alma mater. However, this year, rather than split their normal pair of season tickets, they decided to change things up and plan road-trips to all of their schools’ away games. After all, their new Hyundai Sonata Hybrid does get over 35 miles per gallon, so they shouldn’t have to make many pit stops.

Jimmy and David were a little insulted to learn that their team would be playing its opening game in a city with one of the 30 largest sports stadiums in the world, but wouldn’t be using those facilities. Instead, they’d be watching their team battle one of their oldest rivals in a stadium just over two years old. They were also a little disappointed that the city’s most famous musical act wouldn’t be in town that weekend, as it’s not everyday you get to hear members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in their hometowns.

At first, Jimmy wasn’t too excited about the next stop, but really perked up when David promised they’d be close to some of the country’s most famous ice cream. Jimmy was also interested to learn that one of the school’s alumni won a 1980 Nobel Prize, something which Jimmy could really appreciate.

David, being a former athlete, is really excited about the next stop on the schedule, as they’ll be visiting one of Men’s Health’s 25 Fittest Cities in America. Jimmy is more excited about staying over on Saturday night and driving just over an hour to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. 

The next weekend, David and Jimmy are headed to a smaller town, but are excited to meet their host and the town’s most famous resident, who led the PGA tour in driving average in the same year the city of Pittsburgh celebrated its 3rd major pro championship in 13 months. 

One of the highlights of the trip is sure to be at the next campus, where David and Jimmy have been invited to attend the game with the home teams’ most famous alum. Not only has their host had experience working in professional football, he also is a former world champion wrestler.

Jimmy was a little unsettled about one thing in the next town, as you can still see the remains of a one of a kind monument dedicated to one of American history’s most famous murderers. That won’t stand in the way of Jimmy’s true fandom, especially considering this city serves one of his favorite delicacies.

Jimmy and David’s trip will come to a close in one of the most history-rich cities in the nation. David, an avid sports fan, plans to visit the monument honoring perhaps this city’s most famous athlete. Jimmy doesn’t have the heart to break it to David there is not really any way they can meet the local hero in person.

1. Who is the Nobel Prize winner referred to in the 2nd stop?

2. As mentioned, one of Jimmy and David’s hosts led the PGA Tour in driving average one year.  What was his driving average that year?

3. Who will be Jimmy and David be attending the game with in their 5th stop?

4. What two monuments will Jimmy and David encounter in their last 2 stops?

5. What is Jimmy and David’s alma mater?

6. Name the 7 teams that Jimmy and David saw their alma mater play.

7. What are Jimmy and David’s last names?

8. Which team will travel the farthest to play at Jimmy and David’s alma mater during the 2012 season?

*Assume the information listed is in chronological order.