With a Vote of 4-1... Alamo is Planked in Week 3

With a vote of 4-1... Alamo, Wes Sanderson, is planked in Week 3 of The SHIP 12. As a result, Alamo draws the Shoulder Injury card. Alamo's QB suffered an injury and refused to take a cortisone shot to numb his shoulder pain. Alamo's QB will sit out this week and will receive 0 points.

Week 3 HM! Winner, Orange, draws the Defensive Turnovers card. This card multiplies all of Orange's defensive turnovers in Week 4. For example: 1 turnover = 3 pts., 2 turnovers (3x3) = 9 pts., 3 turnovers (3x3x3) = 27 pts., etc.

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